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Custom Store Fixtures

The retail landscape is ever changing.  Custom store fixtures are a key to supporting in-store merchandising initiatives.   Take a fixture the next step and partner with Midwest to custom tailor and develop a permanent retail store fixture that will garner customer’s attention and increase sales

Plastic, metal, wood?  Clear, frosted, polished, powder coated, printed, plated?   We have few boundaries when it comes to adapting designs and combining materials to create affordable and value-added store fixtures.  Our in-house capabilities and state-of-the-art facility enable us to design engineer, prototype, manufacture, assemble, and distribute a diverse range of custom fixtures.

With today’s ever shortened project lead-times and speed to market programs, quality production and distribution accuracy is imperative.  Midwest has the logistical capacity & experience to manage custom pack-outs and the ability to drop ship to thousands of locations within a 1 week timeframe – we manage large scale roll-outs and multi-store programs.